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Heidelberg Saphira Wash Up & Go
01 Mar

Our tried and tested InkSink system has been installed on global-leader Heidelberg’s printing presses since 2015 as the Heidelberg Saphira Wash Up & Go system.

Providing a fast, simple and user-friendly solution for cleaning of wash-up trays, InkSink was designed by printers, for printers, to save time and money.

Efficient – Saphira Wash Up & Go uses an innovative aluminium tray and disposable liner system to dramatically reduce cleaning time by up to 30 minutes.

Cost-effective – by removing the need for labour-intensive cleaning, you can minimise downtime and increase productivity.

Environmentally friendly – eliminate the need for chemical solvents which can be harmful to the environment and improve the quality of your workplace.

Saphira Wash Up & Go is available in two different versions to fit all Heidelberg machines. Find out where to buy here.

Using our aluminum tray and disposable liner system, Saphira Wash-up & Go means no scrubbing after each job to remove colours: Simply remove and dispose of the used liner, then install a clean one within your tray.

As you would expect using the InkSink tray liner system, Saphira Wash-up & Go gives excellent timesaving benefits, even with single colour presses.  The more units a Heidelberg machine uses, then the more profitable the system becomes.  

Heidelberg Saphira Wash Up & Go
Our new look
01 Mar

Our new look

For nearly 20 years Gama Systems has provided cutting edge wash-up tray solutions to help printers save time and money.

Now, we’re excited to reveal a brand new look and website for Gama Systems and introduce you to our innovative range of wash-up tray and blade products.

What’s new?

  • Watch our ground-breaking wash-up tray solutions, InkSink and SlipTip, in action and discover how they could save your business time and money when cleaning printing presses and printer blades
  • Learn why our products have been tested and trusted by world-leading printing press manufacturers for almost 20 years, including Heidelberg, Komori, ManRoland and more
  • Catch up with our latest news and insights
  • Find out where to buy