SlipTip Wash Up Blade

What is SlipTip?

SlipTip – the wash up blade that reduces replacement time.

Eradicate the painstaking process of removing and cleaning ink-filled bolt heads and wash up trays with SlipTip – our innovative wash up blade system, designed to simplify your blade changes and reducing cleaning and downtime.

Compatible with a range of printers, SlipTip allows your team to change a blade in less than a minute with no tools or readjustment needed.  

Simply wipe, swipe and replace the blade to save time and money.

Fully tested & compliant

SlipTip is fully tested and compatible with all major printing press machines including Heidelberg. Patent Applications pending GB1516666.3 GB1417029.4

Use with InkSink for even more time saved

Save more time and money when you combine SlipTip with InkSink, our tried and tester print tray liner system.

Simply wipe the blade, remove the chemical and ink-resistant liner and replace it with a new one. You’ll reduce downtime – and there’s no need to use expensive and potentially harmful solvents.

Stop the problem of blades turning over

Avoid the lost time and costs associated with rubber blades turning over with SlipTip. 

Our specially-designed plastic-tipped wash up blade will not turn over if rollers run dry, which can cause serious damage to your rollers when using rubber blades. SlipTip also has an advantage over standard plastic blades as it is able to swell without distortion, preventing common performance issues with uneven swelling which can render some standard blades useless. 

Both standard & UV press compatible

SlipTip is fully compatible with standard lithographic and UV printing press systems.