InkSink Wash Up Tray Liner

What is InkSink?

InkSink is a tried and tested printer wash up tray liner system that has saved time, money and manpower for printers worldwide for almost 20 years.

Cleaning wash up trays is a time-consuming and expensive process. Did you know that, on a standard 6-tray Heidelberg 102, the average cost to businesses for wash up tray cleaning can be up to £192?*

With InkSink’s wash up tray liner, simply wipe the blade, remove the chemical- and ink-resistant liner and replace it with a new one. You’ll reduce printer and staff downtime and there’s no need to use expensive and potentially dangerous solvents.

*Heidelberg 102 used for demonstration purposes

Save up to 7 mins cleaning time per tray

On average it can take up to 10 minutes per tray to clean a typical six-tray printing press. This can mean up to 60 minutes of downtime and staff costs – and that’s without factoring in the costs of expensive cleaning products and rags.

InkSink is a fully-tested wash up tray liner that cuts that time to just 3 minutes per tray, saving valuable money and downtime from printing. 

How does it work?

Using InkSink there is no need to remove and wash the tray. When the trays are full, simply wipe the wash up blade clean, remove the used InkSink liner and replace with a new one. The total average time is reduced to just 3 minutes per tray.

InkSink printer tray liner replacement
InkSink wash up tray liner

Fully tested over 20 years

Designed by printers for printers, InkSink has been used worldwide for more than 20 years, tested and adapted for the most popular printers on the market.

You’ll find our specialist wash up tray liner available as an option on all Heidelberg machines – the largest global manufacturer of offset printing presses. 

Use with SlipTip for even more time saved

You can save more time and money when you combine InkSink with SlipTip, our newly developed wash up blade. This allows you to change your blade in less than a minute with no tools, no readjustment and no need to empty the tray or remove the printer tray lliner.